NES 700V3 series Manway Cannon

  • Designed for the Non Invasive cleaning of Chemical and Oil storage tanks up to 100 meters diam. 
  • The Cannon can quickly remove bottom sludge by dilution or sweeping to pump suctions. 
  • With its onboard camera and lighting system the unit can be totally sealed in the tank to minimise VOC emissions and can be operated under live purge conditions. 
  • All movement control is hydraulic the Intank camera and lighting systems are Flameproof with full ATEX CE Certification for use in Zone 1 areas.


Otherwise known as the "sludge buster" a name which adequately describes the use of the Manway cannon. Fits to a tank manway with the cannon, camera and light on the inside of the tank and the manway entrance closed over with its adjustable cover plate. The cannon is used to jet water or cutter stock hot or cold via the specially designed cannon interchangeable nozzle. The operator controls the operation from his console and screen with a single joystick where he has full view of the operation inside the tank. The cannon direction and inclination is hydraulically orientated as is the camera pan and tilt. Camera 20:1 electronic zoom with auto focus and iris b/w NTSC or PAL. The camera and light are fitted with a lens washer. Video recording facilities available as standard. Suction fitting incorporated allowing product to be drawn off the tank. Hydraulic Power is supplied from an electrical power pack mounted onto a frame with umbilical cord with all services to the cannon. The umbilical is stored on a hose reel. High-pressure washer for lens washing piped via the umbilical.


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