• The NES Mover system is a purpose built tank cleaning tool for large diameter above ground storage tanks. 
  • Fully hydraulic with an operator breathing air supply line encapsulated in the umbilical.
  • The Mover system is the fastest, and most efficient way to carry out de-sludging operations with minimum man entry.
  • Typical de-sludging rates of 200m/3 per day (8 hours) can be achieved by an experienced operator.
  • The Mover system is ideal for the cleaning of crude oil, black oil and product tanks up to 100 meters diameter.
  • Insertion and assembly in a tank is simple and takes less than 1 hour, no tools are required.

The complete NES Mover system comprises:

NES320 Hydraulic Tank Cleaning Dozer

NES402B Diesel Powered Hydraulic Power Pack

NES670 Rotary Lobe Sludge Pump

NES405A Mobile Reels with 2 fully sheathed umbilicals

The Mover and the Lobe pump are powered by the power pack via umbilcals from two hose reels mounted on a separate frame in order that the power pack may be sited away from the tank. The umbilical for the Mover has an additional service hose for the breathing air supply for the Mover operator. This is another NES safety feature as the airline hose is protected inside the sheathed umbilical. The engine is fitted with many safety features including spark arrestor and Chalwyn air inlet shut down valve. Both the power pack and hose reels are frame protected and are equipped with lifting points.

The 670 Rotary Lobe pump can pump up to 162m/3 per hour with a maximum discharge pressure of 6.3 bar. Fitted to a trolley for ease of movement inside a tank it can be used up to 100 meters away from the reels via the umbilical. To maximize pumping efficiency, suction is direct into the pump via the 90 degree elbow. Discharge is normally through lightweight bauer type piping. Control of the pump is by the control block mounted on the pump or directly from the power pack.


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