NES ROVERjet Tank Cleaning System for non invasive operations.

  • The NES ROVERjet system has been developed over many years for the purpose of desludging hydrocarbon and product tanks in a safe economical and environmentally friendly way.

  • When used in conjunction with the NES800 - 2 module treatment/oil recovery system the user has a totally self contained mobile tankside removal and treatment system that allows fast efficient tank turnaround without the need for man entry for removal of sludges.

The complete NES Roverjet system comprises:

NES 730 Roverjet & Manway Cannon with Power Pack

NES 502A Centrifugal Pump with hydraulic drive 

NES 640 Rotary Lobe Pump

Description of ROVERjet system

The ROVERjet system has been designed to allow for the cleaning of tanks with or without heating coils or internal obstructions.

The basic tool is the NES cannon system which is a remote hydraulically operated jetting head capable of giving a concentrated jet of hot or cold water or cutter stock up to 140 ft radius. With 175 degrees of vertical movement and 340 degrees of horizontal movement the cannon can be fixed vertically in a roof manway or horizontally on a shell manway using the versatile adapter for 24 to 36 inch manways.

The system has a second cannon which is mounted on a set of variable geometry tracks which with the included insertion ramp allows a cannon to be driven remotely to any location within the tank for a more effective cleaning process.

Both the Roverjet cannon and the manway cannon have their own explosion proof camera and lighting systems together with a light and camera lens washing system to ensure good operator vision without stopping operations.

Unlike most other systems used remotely inside tanks the ROVERjet has sufficient weight and stability to use full system pressure without being moved by the reaction force of the jet.

Both systems are controlled remotely either together or individually by a single operator in an air conditioned/heated control room mounted in one end of the purpose built system container. The other end of the container contains the umbilical for the Roverjet mounted on a hydraulically powered reel, a hydraulic power pack with an alternator fitted to supply power for the lighting and heating and control functions of the system. This container is based on a 20 ft ISO container to minimize transport and shipping costs. The control consol has two video monitors enabling the operator to control the systems and should he wish, record hard copies for the client on the inbuilt video recorder.

Also included with the system is a hydraulically powered centrifugal pump to supply the water/cutter at the correct flow and pressure, and a hydraulically powered rotary lobe pump for the removal of the slurried sludge to the treatment system. Both of these items are powered by the hydraulic power pack in the system container.

All In Tank equipment certified as suitable for operation in hazardous atmospheres

Zone1 (Class 1 Division 1 Groups C & D.


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