• Design and manufacture of a range of equipment for the separation of oil, water and solids supplied to the oil and other industries

  • Hydraulic Power Packs

  • 2 and 3 phase centrifuges fitted with Viscotherm Rotordiff drives

  • NES 800 range of mobile oil recovery systems

  • Hydraulic Sludge Pumps


NES Recommend and use the VISCOTHERM ROTORDIFF

As the best and most versatile system for driving a centrifuge

The main advantages are:

  • Low-loss transfer of oil between the stationary feed shaft and the rotating assembly

  • Automatic hydraulic adjustment of the scroll differential speed eliminates packing off during operation

  • Both the bowl and scroll speed can be set to suit material being processed

NES 800 series of Oil Recovery Systems use Flottweg 3 Phase Centrifuges with the unique adjustable weir system which allows the operator to continuously adjust the water/oil quality during operation without the need to shut down the centrifuge


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