NES COMBI a Tank Cleaners Dream turned into reality

The all new NES COMBI unit must be the most versatile and technically advanced tank cleaning kit ever. It combines (that's the COMBI) three tank cleaning systems in one unit. 

What can be done with the COMBI?

  1. Tanks can be cleaned using the tried and tested MOVer sit and ride system.
  2. Tanks that require Non Man Entry cleaning can be cleaned using the MOVerjet with it's powerful onboard pump, camera, lighting and Cannon all controlled by an operator in the comfort and safety of the control room.  
  3. Tanks that have heating coils can be cleaned using the NES Manway Cannon and lobe pump controlled by an operator in the comfort and safety of the control room. 

What does the COMBI comprise of?

Main Combi Container

  • NES 402C Hydraulic Power Pack with electric generator in acoustic power house
  • NES 670 Rotary Lobe Pump
  • NES 502A Hydraulic Powered Centrifugal Pump
  • NES Combi Container with acoustic control room, Power House,Umbilical Room etc

NES Equipment Container for housing all the other items

  • NES 320 Mover sit and ride Tank Cleaning Dozer parts to convert from Moverjet
  • NES 360 Moverjet Robot with onboard NES640 Rotary Lobe Pump,Camera and Cannon
  • NES 402A Diesel Hydraulic Acoustic Power Pack
  • NES 720 Manyway Cannon
  • NES 501 Hydraulic Powered Helical Screw Pump
  • NES 405A Double Umbilical Reels for NES 320 & NES670


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