NES Oil Recovery System


  • In simple terms the pre-treatment unit modifies the viscosity and temperature of the sludge to render it to an optimized condition for solids removal and oil recovery.

  • It does this by first removing large contaminates (bolts stones etc) in the filter system and then raising the temperature in the first mixer tank. The heated oil is then pumped into the blending and stabilization tank for the addition of cutting stock and or chemical surfactants or emulsion breakers as required.

  • Once blended the slurry is pumped to the centrifuge feed tank ready for treatment and polymer injection at the decanter inlet.

  • The temperature is maintained at all times during the operation and has gauges to monitor the operation. All mixers, pumps etc are hydraulically powered and the unit is self contained with all pipe work valves and controls integrally mounted.

  • Hydraulic power for this unit is supplied from a hydraulic power pack.


Oil Recovery

  • The feed pump on the pre-treatment unit feeds the slurry into the decanter inlet where it is separated into recovered oil , water and solids. 

  • The machine is adjusted to optimize the treatment and operates on a continuous basis

  •  The water is discharged through a weir tank fitted in the unit to give a final polish to the water quality , and the solids are conveyed to a skip for disposal. 

  • The recovered oil is discharged from the decanter under pressure and is piped to the clean oil holding tank for testing and load out. 

  • The unit is self contained and has an inbuilt power pack to drive the decanter skid.


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