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6 July 1999


To Whom It May Concern.


Re: Non Entry Svstems Limited.


I first used the expertise of Mr Shipton (Doug') and his colleagues in about 1984. At that time I was a contracts manager of Leigh Progressive Technical Services Limited.


Our first purchase was a Sit-on -and ride "sludge dozer" which was a radically new innovation for the crude oil tank cleaning industry and which gave us the leading edge in developing our business into an internationally recognized leader in its field. The machines were well enough built but the most important aspect of our relationship was that the designer understood our business. That insight can only be gained through years of hands-on experience.


After buying more 'dozers', both sit-on-&-rides' and special application remote controlled units (for tank roof pontoon desludging, pipe inspection, DAF and API separator cleaning etc) we commissioned a device for high pressure water jet cleaning concrete columns in a massive fuel storage bunker. As usual, not only had the design been thoroughly thought through, but the build quality was excellent and Doug' and his team were able to advise on some other aspects of the job which helped improve our performance and our profitability.


Most recently, NESL were the first port of call when I needed to build a pilot plant for our biological effluent treatment needs. The plant was constructed in time and to budget and even more importantly it worked.


I have no hesitation in commending NESL for its helpful and innovative support in solving complex industrial cleaning problems and in coming up with the equipment and techniques which are thoroughly well considered in terms of Safety of operation and Simple in use. I know of no other specialty manufacturer of such equipment who can beat NESL on quality, price and competence.






Alan Kidd

Managing Director

BioSystems Technology (UK) Limited.


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