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4 July 1999


Scaltech purchased a NES MOVer System from NBSL approximately 4 months ago. This System was purchased to assist in our tank cleaning projects. From my experience in tank cleaning, using the MOVer System has decreased the time to clean tanks by four times when comparing it to cleaning tanks by traditional means such a using water and squeegees. The NES MOVer reduces the volume in the tank because when traditional means &e used to clean a tank, water or cutter oil is used to create a pumpable slurry. A pumpable slurry is created when the Machine is in the tank because the solids in the tank get slurried by the tracks of the MOVer.

Another benefit of the MOVer is that it reduces the labor force needed to clean a tank. Before we had the MOVer, it took approximately six people to clean a 160 foot tank. Operating the MOVer reduces the work load compared with squeegeing and water washing. Now, we estimate that three people are needed to clean the same 160 foot tank and it takes about a quarter of the time.

The NES MOVer System has done everything the people from NESL have said it would. As Scaltech expands our tank cleaning projects, we will definitely be interested in purchasing another MOVer system or one of their robotic cleaning machines.

The representatives from NESL have been extremely helpful, and their knowledge of their equipment and tank cleaning is extraordinary.

Bradley M. Gemlick

Environmental and Safety Coordinator

Bradley M Gemlick


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