ITV (In Tank Vehicle)

  •  The NES ITV is a stand alone remote operated tracked vehicle that can be introduced by side or top access to areas inaccessible to humans due to radioactive substances. 

  • The ITV comes in various sizes and configurations for the many different applications found in the nuclear industry whether it be  waste from armaments or power generation.  

  • The model shown in the photos is the NES7001VSS, all stainless steel construction, variable geometry tracks, on board pump, folding blade and water cannon. 

  • The ITV is connected to all of the controls and services by a fully sheathed umbilical. The umbilical is also used to lower and raise the ITV via the exterior reeling system. 

  • All operations are carried out in the safety of the control room up to 300 meters away. 

  • The ITV may also be used in conjunction with the NES AMS system

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