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New in this issue "Tank Graph" NESL Tank Bottom Sludge Profiler Software "Wisper"NESL Super Silenced Hydraulic Power Packs 

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It was in 1985 that the first tank cleaning dozer was designed, manufactured and delivered in the United Kingdom. The NESL design and engineering team of today  were the very same people who designed and built the original dozer back in 1985.  

Psst - Click here to take a look at the very first tank cleaning dozer, never mind the machine it is nearly an antique now, but see the young man on the machine, who is he?  you might well ask. Well don't tell him I told you!!  t' is none other than the intrepid Doug Shipton our  Managing Director!



15 years is a long time and over this period there have been many changes as the team have developed a far superior machine. We never say that we now have the final perfect machine, we are always striving to improve and progress technology. In fact nearly every new machine that is built has some small addition or change from the last one. Our engineers are constantly looking for ways of making improvements and take ideas not only from their own experiences on site with customers but also from feedback from our customers.


Here we are in the 8th month of the new millennium and NESL have just completed a package of equipment for CPC in Taiwan. The contract was awarded to NESL despite fierce competition. It was NESL's ability to provide their latest superior technically advanced equipment and also to comply with the customers exacting requirements that prevailed. Two complete NES Mover tank cleaning kits complete with rotary lobe pumps and NES fully sheathed protected umbilicals on reels which also include operator air supply and communication cord. This is the very latest Mover system and with the airline in the umbilical it gives additional safety with the protection of the operators air supply hose. The communication cable allows three way voice communication between the Mover operator and another person inside or outside of the tank and also the command module located outside the tank. The new NES 402B "WISPER" diesel power packs supplied are the latest edition to the NES range of power packs. These are contained in an acoustic housing and with a DBa rating of 85 at 1 meter distance comply with international guidelines on noise. The NESL  range of hydraulic power packs are now supplied with IVECO Emission Controlled Engines. 

"Tank Graph" NESL Tank Bottom Sludge Profiler Software

NESL Tank-Graph V 1.1

Tank Graph has been developed to allow tank owners or contractors involved in tank cleaning projects to obtain a clear visual representation of the sludge profile in a tank based on real data entered through the program interface.

The program takes the dip information and calculates the likely sludge profile based on the type of sludge sampled. Providing sufficient data is input, the resulting profile and volume calculations should be within +/- 5% of the actual tank conditions.

Updates can be made as the tank cleaning progresses enabling the contractor to better estimate his performance against targets.

The program has a built in report generator to print hard file copies and can be configured to exaggerate the sludge profile to highlight problem areas within the tank.

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Non Entry Sytems Ltd - ISO 9002 Certification on the 14th of January 2000

In the second week of the New Millennium NESL was proud to be registered  ISO 9002 and issued with certificate number GB 5810.This strengthens our dedication to ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.


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The "Young" Doug Shipton (1985)

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