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The Chemical composition in Nuritchem 508-Miss Maya is coverered by U.S. Patents 6,322,621 B1 issued 11/27/01 & U.S. Patent Serial Number 09/994,390 granted 03/16/04

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Nuritchem 508 Miss Maya contains No metals, No Sulfur, or Halogen Compounds which are known to poison refinery catalysts.

Nuritchem 508 Miss Maya is a non aqueous concentrate of a proprietary blend designed to liquefy paraffin and asphaltenes in crude oil. 

Nuritchem 508 Miss Maya has the ability to lower viscosity of heavy oils.

Nuritchem 508 Miss Maya is a very effective paraffin cloud point and pour point depressant for refined based oils (lube oils).

What does Nuritchem 508 Miss Maya do?

  • Designed to disperse paraffin wax in crude oil and crude oil sludge so lowering the B.S.%W of crude oil. The paraffin becomes dissolved or dispersed in crude oil and stays that way.
  • Nurichem 508 Miss Maya also acts as a demulsifier and pour point reducing agent.
  • Nurichem 508 Miss Maya disperses rust and other solids and cause them to separate from oil.                       


  1. At a concentration of 0.1% by volume, 508 Miss Maya was able to transform a very pasty like paraffin sludge tank bottom residue to a consistency of axle grease. The tank bottom residue had the following physical analysis: 80% paraffin, 5% oil, 10% solids (rust and dirt) and 5% water. The 508 product was mixed into the sludge at 25C. After the residue was thoroughly mixed, approximately one volume of cutter stock was added to one volume of the residue and stirred for 15 minutes at 15C.At the end of the mixing period 100ml of the blend was put into a centrifuge tube and a spinout with a tabletop centrifuge carried out. The results observed were three layers: 1 = 85% (85ml) of oil and paraffin, 2 = 10% (10ml) of rust and dirt with the solids having a grayish color, 3 = 5% (5ml) of water. No rag layer was observed between the water and oil thus indicating a B.S.&W of 0.00%. Further tests at elevated temperatures (60-70) showed the mixing time is reduced to 2/3 minutes.
  2. Recently a tank cleaning company in Houston was able to obtain a final B.S.&W of 0.0% for the recovered oil. They also found that the product leads to extremely clean solids. The tank cleaner stated that the solids look like pure table salt.
  3. 350 ml Samples from a 25,000 Bbls slop oil tank were taken at 4 feet, 8 feet and 14 feet. The 3 samples were put in a 4000 ml beaker and 2000 ml of water was added and the contents stirred. This mixture of slop oil and water was heated whilst stirring to 158F (70C). 1.84 ml of Nuritchem 508-Miss Maya was then added and the mixture was allowed to stir for one hour at 158F (70C). After 30 minutes of stirring 500 ml of diesel was added and the stirring and heating continued for a further 30 minutes. At the end of the hour the heat and stirring were stopped. The beaker with the mixture of slop oil, water, diesel and chemicals was left to reach ambient temperature. After 1 hour the mixture looked like this Photo 1 and after 2 days looked like this Photo 2.  The starting slop oil had an initial B.S.& W. of 28%. The final recovered oil plus diesel had a B.S.& W. of <0.0%.  

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1 hour @ 158F(70C)


Standing @ Ambient Temperature

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